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UIC Online Non-credit Programs

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Unlike credit programs, non-credit programs are meant to help those who are not pursuing degrees.

When you complete an online non-credit program, you will obtain a certificate other than an academic degree. Through this online program, you can earn a certificate which will be used to find a better job, get a promotion or broaden your knowledge.

If you want to enroll in a non-credit program provided by University of Illinois at Chicago Online, formal application and academic transcript are not required before registration, while a credit program does need these documentations. So you can register for such a course whether you have the educational or professional background or not. You can register online via External Education or the relevant department. Besides, you are not qualified for federal financial aid if you enroll in an online non-credit program.

You should contact one of the program coordinators to get more information that is relevant to your program. UIC offers three non-credit programs. Here is the contact information for each program:

CNM – Call Great Cities Institute at (312) 413-0558

EPWP – Call Terrie Byrne at (312) 996-8999

WS – Call School of Continuing Studies at (312) 355-0423

I’d like to introduce the three online non-credit programs offered by UIC.

Certificate in nonprofit management program (CNM)

CNM program, provided by Great Cities Institute, has 13 courses in total. By taking these courses, you will acquire relevant knowledge and improve your skills to manage nonprofit organizations. In order to obtain the certificate, you have to complete at least 6 courses, each of which takes 50 hours, thus you will spend overall 300 hours to complete the program. You can also register for just one course in CNM program in line with your interest, but the certificate can’t be earned in this case.

Plus, each course is required to complete in a five-week period. You can arrange the time at your own pace, yet it is advisable to spend 8-10 hours per course per week.

You can choose from the following courses:

• Building Partnerships and Collaboration Across Sectors

• Engaging the New Volunteer Workforce

• Financial Management: Fundamentals for the Nonfinancial Manager

• Fundraising Management

• Individual Donors

• Introduction to Nonprofit Management and Civic Engagement

• Marketing Management

• Mastering Grant Writing

• Nonprofit Governance

• Operations Management

• Program Design and Evaluation

• Public Policy Advocacy for Social Change

• Strategic Management

All the students should complete the courses that you have selected during 3 years, and get 70 points at least for each course, otherwise you will be denied the certificate. After you complete the required courses, the Great Cities Institute will send the certificate to you within one month starting from the last day of your final course.

You’d better enroll in the program timely, because you are not allowed to register 10 days before the course starts and each class per course is limited to 30 students (other class may be limited to 20 students). You will be charged $650 for Mastering Grant Writing and $550 for the other courses.

Suppose you are a student from any University of Illinois, your course fee will be reduced by $35. Providing that you refer someone to register this program, and he/she has completed one course, you can get a discount of $75 for your future course. The more students you refer successfully, the more discounts you will enjoy. You should pay for the fee while you are registering for courses by means of credit cards, checks or money orders, among which checks and money orders must be sent in 5 business days.

Once you decide to cancel the program, you should let them know by writing a letter, yet you can’t get a full refund as the administrative fee of $35 will be subtracted from your refund. If you write the notice 3 weeks before the course, you will get the whole refund deducting $35. If you let them know about your cancellation 2 weeks before the course, you will get 85 percent of the whole refund deducting $35. Suppose they are notified 1 week before the course, you will get 35 percent of the whole refund less $35. And once the course starts, you will get nothing back if you cancel it.

CNM program applies to new nonprofit managers, experienced nonprofit managers, Nonprofit Boards of Directors members and those who wish to change their careers. The program is available in all states except for Alaska, Delaware, Kansas, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

There are total 17 online seasoned instructors who can help you when you have any questions, give you assignments and evaluate them, and conduct online discussions. You don’t need to purchase any textbooks, as you can get access to all the materials online.

Online Effective Professional Writing Program (EPWP)

This EPWP online program consists of two subprograms, each of which takes 5 weeks. You can select one of them or take them both.

• Advanced Grammar for Self-Editing

You should register for this program 1 week before the first course starts, and you may not get approved if you register after the deadline.

Through this online program, you will possess the ability to identify errors in your writing or other’s, to do better in proofreading and editing. The class begins from Jan 27 to March 2 or March 16 to April 20 for students in spring 2012; from May 25 to June 29 or July 13 to Aug 17 for students in summer 2012; from Aug 31 to Oct 5 or Oct 12 to Nov 16 for students in autumn 2012.

You should pay $350 dollars for the tuition fee, and $50 will be waived if you are one of the UIC members or returning students.

• Advanced Writing and Composing

This program, which applies to those in intermediate to advanced level, will make you more professional in term of paragraph and document organization.

Other information is as same as the Advanced Grammar for Self-Editing program, such as time frame, tuition fees, discounts as well as the register deadline.

Writers Series (WS)

This program is a blend of online courses and on-campus courses. It is not available at present, so you have to wait for the new information.

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