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Is Online Study in Ashford University Totally Online?

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If you want to take online classes in Ashford University, the thing that occupies most of your attention may be the time issue.

Is online class totally online and you even don’t need to get out of your own door? I’m afraid this is not the truth.

1. Application process

For the application process, you can finish it all online. From getting acquaintance with the online course to enrolling in the class and paying the tuition fee, they all can be done online with a few clicks.

2. Online courses

Online classes are conducted totally online. All you need is a network server. Although you are not requested to log into the online classes in a particular time, in a week, you should at least attend 2 times in order to guarantee that you will actually learn some knowledge. And whenever you have a problem, you can also contact your instructor and solve it online or through telephone.

BUT in Ashford University online schools, you still have to complete a few things on campus. Those procedures are not meant to bring you inconvenience. However, they are designed to offer you a standard and meaningful learning process.

3. Graduation procedure

• No matter you are a student online or on campus, in Ashford University, you are all required to submit a proper and qualified paperwork for graduation. This is a method to check whether you have taken your online courses seriously and do have learned some useful things.

• As an accredited online school, when finishing your online courses, you are eligible to get the according degree issued by Ashford University.

Ashford University holds a commencement ceremony every fall and invites all online students to attend. This ceremony is held not only to celebrate your graduation, but also to offer you a chance to complete the above two things in person and on campus. In order to get yourself successfully graduated, you’d better attend the commencement ceremony. It is not a waste of time, but a memory in life.

Note: When going to attend the commencement ceremony, you need to arrange all things by yourself, including the tickets, the place to stay and so on.

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